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The health of a pet is the concern of every pet owner. Dogs and cats can’t communicate like humans, so often they can’t show us when they are hurting. This is why a pet should get a regular check up. Although a pet will let us know when there is extreme pain or discomfort, sometimes an issue might arise that needs more attention. Vets to Go cares about the health of your pet and your desire to take care of your cat or dog. We will do our best to search out any issue, no matter how big or small, and help your pet become healthy once again.

A Nose to Tail Pet Exam

Vets to Go offers a full body, ‘Nose to Tail‘ pet check up. This regular check up looks for any issues that might be obvious or subtle. This examination will help us find any outstanding issue that you might not know about. If any issue is found that might influence the health of your friend, we will do our best to bring him or her back to health. Any issue that comes up will be thoroughly discussed with you. All options will be laid out on the table and we will offer the best way to move forward.

Also included in this complete nose to tail check up is the chance to vaccinate your pet. We will trim the claws and paws of your pet as well. Of course, these are optional since neither is necessarily needed for your pet.

Preventing future issues

One of the ideas that we like to expound upon at Vets to Go is preventative health care. Many of the issues that we come across are issues that could’ve been stopped at an early stage. An owner taking a bit of time to learn about how to prevent future disease and illness is a step to having a healthy pet for a longer time.

We offer a preventative health care service will check out the full body of the pet from the teeth to the paws to the tail. We will also discuss the diet and weight of the dog and any other issues that might harm your pet down the road. Preventing these issues will help curtail any illness in your pet, but also help prevent large medical and medicine bills in the future.

Bringing the house call back in fashion

Vets to Go was founded on the simple idea of making house calls to treat your pet. Our veterinarians are well trained and compassionate and care very much about their patients. Treating a pet at home can help keep the dog or cat calm when a stranger is trying to figure out what is happening inside them. This helps keep the owner calm as well and makes for a great medical experience. With Vets to Go, we can come to your location when you need us. Schedule a visit today and help us help your pet.


Every pet is an adorable companion and a boon to life. Pets are happy to be there through the up times and needed as friends through the down. Yet, it isn’t always easy taking care of a pet. Just like humans, pets get sick and hurt. This is why every pet friend should find a quality veterinary clinic during these times.

Finding a Vet to Go

There are many Calgary Vet Clinics available. All are great companies that offer services that will help diagnose and heal your pet. Vets to Go is offers the same services as these clinics but with the added benefit of mobility. These services are designed to help the busy pet owner treat his or her pet with the utmost respect and love.

At home Visitation

The Staff of Vets to Go love and adore all animals. That is why we want to help treat your pet in the most comfortable place available: the home. Bringing a dog or a cat in to a strange place like a veterinary clinic can leave the pet feeling nervous and frightened. Since Vets to Go can be anywhere you need us to be, we can come to your house to examine your pet. The presences of the pet owner in a familiar surrounding will help the health and welfare of the pet.

Services offered

Vets to Go offers a wide variety of services for your dog or cat. Most of these services can be performed at home, although we have a fully equipped medical facility for any major issues. A highly trained staff that respects both you and your pet performs these services.

Full body examination

Every pet needs to be fully examined at least once a year. Vets to Go makes this process easy and convenient to your time and location. We do a complete nose to tail check up, making sure that your pet is in the best shape possible. If there are any issues found, our staff will recommend a series of treatments for what is ailing the pet.


Unfortunately, sometimes a pet has a condition that can’t be treated. This may be because of old age or another, much more heinous disease. The choice to euthanize your pet is never easy. However, Vets to Go offers a service that will help you and your pet through this hard time. When the decision is finally made, Vets to Go can come to your house and help make your pet as comfortable as possible. We try to save as many pets as possible, but when the end comes Vets to Go will be there to help.

Mobile Pet Care

Vets to Go is a full mobile clinic that has the most up-to-date equipment and a well-trained staff. We want to help you take care of your pet no matter what the location. Our aim is to be there during the good times and the bad, so you will have peace of mind about your lifelong friend.